10 Exciting Features of Telegram that You Need to Know

Exciting Features of Telegram

There are many messaging apps are available in the market like what’s app, messenger, messages app, etc. But Telegram is a more secured app than others. Now day telegram is the most trending messaging app in the market. There are many exciting features of the telegram that you don’t know are available in this app. In this blog, you will know about the Exciting Features of the telegram.

1.Secrete Chats: Exciting Feature of Telegram

Exciting Features of Telegram

There is a unique feature in the telegram that is not available in WhatsApp. Telegram has a separate option called Secrete chats, which allows end-to-end encryption. You can set the timer from one second to one week. You cannot forward it and no one can take screenshots of the chats.

2.Auto Night Mode

Auto Night Mode

Telegram offers users an Auto Night Mode. This option is not available in what’s app. In Settings, click on chat settings. In chat settings, Auto night mode is available. There are three options available scheduled, adaptive, and system default. Users can choose any of these options at their convenience.

3.User can share files up to 1.5GB

3. User can share files up to 1.5GBThe telegram app allows users to share their photos in groups or individuals. They can share files up to 1.5 GB. WhatsApp and other Media allows 16MB of data to share their files.

4.Stickers are better than What’s app

4. Stickers are better than What’s app

Telegram offers Gif and stickers similar to what’s app. But Telegram provides a unique Gif which is better than what’s app. It offers a set of Gifs, these are very attractive. You also have the option to preview the stickers.

5.It supports a group of 2,00,000 members


In WhatsApp, users can create groups and allows only a limited number of members to add. Telegram allows users to create Group which can include up to 2,00, 000 members. The creator of the Group becomes an admin. Admin will decide which users can post the picture and which users can view the pictures.

6.Forwarded message feature better than WhatsApp

Forwarded messageIn what’s app, users can forward messages from one person to another person or one group to another group. If any user forwards the message it will be shown as a forwarded message. But telegram shows the name of the person with that forwarded message. Users can also check the profile of the person.

7.Quickly add people: Exciting Feature of Telegram

Quickly add people

Telegram allows users to add nearby people to exchange contact information quickly. Telegram has an option called People Nearby which allows users to see the people stand near to them. You can also view the profile details of the nearby people.

8.Hide Mobile Number

hide mobile number

Telegram has Some Privacy options. It allows users to hide their mobile numbers from everybody or contacts. So users can chat with other people without their phone number. WhatsApp does not allow users to hide their mobile numbers.

9.Upload multiple profile pictures

Users can upload multiple numbers of photos to their profiles. Users can upload additional photos along with their existing photos. But, the User can able to see the latest photo. If you want to see all photos click on the profile then swipe it, you are able to see all the photos.

10.Lock your chats: Exciting Feature of Telegram

Lock Your Chats

Users use app locker to lock their apps so that others can not open your app and see the messages. But in the telegram will provide an option called passcode lock to lock your app. Go to settings, in this, you will get an option called passcode lock. You click on it, enter  4 digit code or fingerprint option also available. You can choose any of the options. After entering 4 digit code, go to the chats, and the lock option is available on the top right corner of your chats and then click it. Now your app is locked. You can also set the lock for 1 minute, 5 minutes, and up to 5 hours.

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