10 Hidden Features of iPhone12 That You Need to Know

iPhone is trending today and used by many people because of its unique features. It includes many hidden features that you don’t know. If you are interested in knowing about the hidden features of the iPhone12, then in this blog, you will know about the hidden features of the iPhone12.

Hidden Features of iPhone12

1.Back Tap: hidden feature of iPhone12

back tap-hidden feature of iPhone12

iPhone 12 has a new feature called back top. You can directly go to any of the applications without clicking on them. In settings, click on Accessibility then click on Touch. In Touch, you will get an option called back tap click on it.

The back Top has two options, double and triple tap. Click on double tap and select settings and click triple and select Instagram. So when you double-tap on the backside of your iPhone, settings will open. If you do triple tap on the backside of your iPhone Instagram will open.

2.Shazam: hidden feature of iPhone12

indentifyng the songs in background

Suppose you are busy with some activities like what’s app Facebook or Instagram. If you want to know which song is playing in the background. It provides a shazam option to identify the songs.

For this, swipe the screen and click on the control center icon. You will get a pop-up notification that shows the details of the music that you are listening to.

To do this goes to settings click on the control sensor scroll it. You will get an option called music reorganization, and click it. Now control sensor is enabled.



When you are using the keyboard while typing a message, if you want to type a number you will type numbers one by one. Here,  if you want to write 493, click on the number pad just swipe on the numbers 4, 9, and 3.if you want to select any word tap it twice. if you want to select the whole sentence tap it thrice. if you want to undo it swipe left. If you want to redo it swipe right. Otherwise, if shake your mobile you will get undo option and if you shake again you will get the redo option. You can pinch in your 3 fingers to copy the text and pinch off your 3 fingers to paste the text. You can copy as many times as you want.



When you are taking a photo on iphone12, it will automatically turn on the night mode. You can see that night mode turned to yellow. If you want to take any video when you are in the photo mode, click the photo and hold the button for a while, and swipe it to the left to lock. If you want to take the video quickly hold the volume down button, it will start recording the video and leave the button to stop the video.



If you want to add the widget to the home screen,  go to the home screen to which you want to add the widget. Hold the screen background until apps begin to shake. Then click the + button, where you will get the widgets to add. You can select the widget and place it on the home screen. You can place widgets wherever you want. I t also contains an option called favorite which allows you to add your favorite contacts to your home screen. It also has another option called Zen Flip Clock Which will add your clock to your home screen. It is a super stylish clock.

6.Hidden Folder

If you want to hide your photos, select photos that you want to hide then click on the share button where you will get the hide option you can click it then your photos are hidden in a hidden folder. You can check it in Hidden Folder. You can also unhide those photos in a hidden folder. If you want to get Hidden Folder, go to setting and click on the photos option in which you will get a Hidden Album turn on that album to enable the Hidden Folder.

7.Charging Sound

If you want to know whether your mobile is charging or not, set a sound when it gets charged. To do this,  click on Automation then click on create personal automation where you will get an option called a charger. Click on the charger option in which you click on the charger icon then click on next where you will get an option called add action.  Next search for speak text then you will get that option select it where you need to type what you to say while charging (for ex: Type Charging). You can change pitch, language and you can also change to male or female voice then click on next. Now you are able to listen to that voice while charging.

8.Keep Videos playing in iPhone12

Whenever you are watching a movie or any other video if you want to perform any action for example if you want to mail a file to somebody. Just swipe the movie or video to the corner and you can open the mail and you can send the file without pausing the movie. To do this, go to settings then click on general, now you are able to see the picture in the picture and enable it.

9.App Library

app library

If you want to hide the app, tap on the screen and click on start. Then,  you will get all the pages. Select the in which you want to hide the app. Your app will be added to that page. You can click that [page to see whether your app added or not. If you want to find any app, swipe the screen to left and now you are able to see App Library. Now search for an app and you will get alphabetical scholars on the left side of the screen. You can select a letter and you are able to see your app click. If you want to add navigation apps to the single screen, just click on the app and hold it and add another navigation app, and swipe it moves to the screen wherever you want to hide those apps.

10.Other Useful Features

clip app

speak text

If You want to create 100 records in video with emoji, it is very simple. It has an app called clips where you can create videos by using emoji and you can also change the background of the video. If you swipe down your screen with two fingers, it will speak the text available on the screen. For this, go to settings click on accessibility and then click on spoken content where you will get speak screen. You just enable this speak screen then you are able to see the spoken text.

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