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How to add New post in WordPress

Add a new post Using WordPress Classic editor

  • WordPress has developed an editor which is clean and simple.

Title and Content Boxes to add new post

  • The classic editor includes the title and content boxes on add new post area.
  • In the title, you need to add the title of your content.
  • It also includes a permalink structure, automatically wordpress will generate a URL based on the post-title
  • If you want to change the URL, click on the edit button.
  • In the content area, you can write your post.
  • it includes Header tags, Bold, Italic, link tag, and many other options.

Add Images and Media to add new post

  • WordPress classic editor includes Add media button in-between title and content area.

If you want to upload images or any other media to your wordpress post, do the following things

  • click on add media button.
  • A new window will open which contains two types of media uploads
  • you can upload files from your device
  • or you can upload them from the media library(previously uploaded images).
  • When you upload the image from upload files, click on select file,
  • then choose a file from your device
  • and click on insert into post.
  • The selected image will be added to your post.
  • After adding the image to your post, if you want to edit the image, click on the edit icon.

Publishing Options to add new post

WordPress edit post screen is divided into two columns. On the left, you have the post title and the content editor. Right columns contain different meta Tags to configure post settings and There is a Publish section available on the left column. It includes many things like

  • Save Draft button stores your draft of your post or page
  • The preview button allows you to view a live preview of your site, you can see how your post looks after publishing
  • Visibility makes your website private, public, or password protected. click on edit in front of the visibility, then it will show 3 options
  • Next, click on publish button so that your website is accessed publicly

Adding Categories and Tags to add new post

  • Categories and tags are available on the left side of the screen below publish section.
  • Categories and tags make your content in a meaningful format.
  • It not only helps in finding your content but also improves your SEO.

Screen Options

  • WordPress includes some of the options and they are hidden by default.
  • Click on the screen option available at the top right corner.
  • It includes many options.
  • If you want to display other options, you can click on the checkbox
  • and they will appear on the post edit page.

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