Best WordPress Cache plugins

In the cache mechanism, a Static version of the site is available so it will decrease the load time of the website. servers resources will decrease. So, it improves website performance. It is important to have cache plugins on your WordPress site. In this blog, I will explain some of the WordPress cache plugins to improve the performance of the site.

1. W3 Total Cache WordPress cache plugin

W3 offers a cache mechanism. The latest version of this plugin integrated with Cloudflare. You can configure CDN with this plugin.

One more feature of this plugin is Object Caching.

Some of the features of this plugin are

  • Allows Caching of Pages, database, and search result pages
  • Minimize CSS files
  • minimize Javascript files
  • Support for CDN
  • minimize disk cache
  • does not cache page for logged in users
  • Includes Cloudflare
  • Works best for VPS and Dedicated hosting
  • and works with Shared hosting also


2. WP Rocket WordPress cache plugin

Wp rocket plugin can be used to load your website faster. It improves website speed performance.

It includes features like

  • Reduce the loading time of a web page
  • cache for mobile devices and desktop available
  • minimize your CSS file
  • minimize javascript files
  • Indexing of the page will improve
  • Allows lazy loading of images and videos
  • Preload mode that entire website will preloaded when a user visit for first time or second time
  • preload links that make the page faster while downloading


3. WP Super Cache WordPress cache plugin

WP Super Cache plugin is easy to install, easy to use and it will boost your website performance.It provides gzip compression. You can use a subdomain as CDN to serve files like images, javascript, and CSS from another site or CDN. It allows three types of cache Mod_rewrite, PHP & legacy caching. After setting up this plugin, use the feature test cache available under easy mode which confirms whether your plugin works fine or not.

  • it allows you to do not cache page for logged in users
  • compress the pages
  • enable 304 modifier
  • the dynamic cache is available
  • support for mobile devices
  • close the cache files when new post published
  • you can set time duration for cache
  • you can select the page that you do not want to cache
  • support for CDN


4. Hyper Cache WordPress cache plugin

hyper cache

This plugin is useful for those people who host their posts on low resources hosting provider.

  • Compatible with WP-PDA plugin which allows your blog to be accessible from mobile devices.
  • Manages both plain and gzip compressed pages
  • An auto-clean system that reduces disk usage.
  • 404 caching
  • Redirect caching
  • Reduce disk space usage
  • Easily integrate with other plugins
  • Rejection configuration of agents, cookies, and URLs


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