How to buy a domain in Hostinger

If you want to buy a domain for your website, in this blog, you will learn about how to buy a domain in Hostinger.

How to Buy a Domain in Hostinger

Step 1: Search a domain name checker to buy a domain

buy a domain in hostinger

In order to buy a domain, Hostinger provides a domain name checker to find your desired domain name. When we search a domain name on the domain name checker, it will display available domain names. If the domain name that we are searching for is already available, it will display that, the domain name is already taken.

Step 2: search a domain name

In this step, you search for a domain that you want to register in the search field. It will display a number of available domain names. You can also search for a particular domain name that you are interested in using the extension.

Step 3: Choose your domain to buy a domain

In order to buy a domain, you need to do register for the domain. Once you got the desired domain, then go for the registration process of Hostinger by adding your desired domain to the cart. You can choose a plan for 1 year, 2 years and so on. Now, go to the cart and proceed with the payment process. Different payment options are available. You can choose your desired payment option for registration.

Step 4: complete your domain registration to buy a domain

Once the payment is done, it will go to the control panel that contains a number of fields in which you need to enter all the details that are mandatory. You should fill in the correct information.

Once you fill in all the details available, they will be stored in a database called WHOIS.

Step 5: Verify your own domain name registration to buy a domainĀ 

Once you register for a domain in Hostinger by filling in all the details, you can verify your domain name ownership by an email that you used during registration. You will get an email within few minutes after completing the registration process. If you do not get any email, then you can verify it by resending verification. Once you get an email, verify your contact information within 15 days otherwise your domain will be suspended.

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