Complete Domain Ownership History Checking Tools

Complete Domain Ownership History Checking Tools

also If you buy a domain, it helps your website to rank high in search engine results. Before buying a domain, you need to check the domain ownership history, website type, and activities. Domain ownership history checking tools are used to check domain ownership. Here, you will find the domain ownership history checking tools.

Domain Ownership history Checking Tools

1. Domain Tools to check domain ownership history

This Tool provides historical information of any site. It also provides information about domain ownership, previous domain ownership records, and complete domain ownership trial.

  • A unique feature of this tool is that helps you to get information about the name server, and current DNS records.
  • You can track the changes made to the titles and other related records of the complete domain ownership for the selected URL.
  • also provides whois information about the domain name that you want to use.
  • This tool offers a typo-generator name, Name Server Spy, and cross-IP lookup.
  • also Provides DNS tools such as traceroute, and ping.
  • also Includes Robust search functionality like domain sale search and domain auction search.

2. Who. is to check domain ownership history is a free tool that allows to track the information about a domain or IP address. It allows you to track website details, its own information, and other activities.

This Tool allows you to keep track of new TLDs.

  • Gives information about required details about a domain, its history, currently whether it is registered or not.
  • It has developed a backend to make the search easier that provides information about historical records, DNS, and Whois information.
  • The main objective of this tool is to provide accurate and updated domain information in a single place, so, it’s not necessary to visit multiple sources in order to get your answers.
  • You can track domains for multiple registers. you can organize many domains and manage them in a single place.

Whois Tool

3. Whoxy to check domain ownership history

It is a reliable whois search engine. Whoxy API is a web tool that produces whois registries.

  • 2026 domain extensions
  • You can fetch whois records up to 1,00,000 domain names.
  • If the whois record is not fetched for your domain name query, it will not charge you.

4. Wayback Machine to check domain ownership history

Wayback machine provides images of historical changes of a site.

  • This tool is free that allows you to track starting point of any domain name.
  • Provides information about who is the owner of the particular domain.
  • It hosts website records that are created on the internet.
  • Also allows you to view the Site’s appearance. go to, place the URL, and choose the year, month, date, you can see the site’s appearance.
  • It also allows you to check up to 446 billion web pages.

5. Whoisrequest to check domain ownership history

This tool provides information about the history of the domain.


  • It allows you to check the reverse lookup of IP and nameservers.
  • also provides information about the name and contact details of domain owners.
  • also Includes main features like whois lookups, IP whois lookups, reverse Ip lookups, domain history, and reverse NS lookups.

I explained 5 domain ownership history checking tools, among these, I recommended you choose who. is. Anyhow You can make use of any tools. They give complete information about domain ownership.


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