How to Create Backlinks For Website

Backlinks are important for your website. If you create backlinks for your website, It will bring more traffic to your website. So, it is important to create backlinks to your website. In this blog, you will learn about how to create backlinks to your website.

1. Broken link Building method to Create Backlinks for the website

In this technique, you need to contact the webmaster to inform them about your broken links. At this time, you can also recommend another website to replace that broken link. You mention your own website, the chance of getting backlink back to your website is high.

In order to use the broken link method, first, you need to find the relevant website in your article that contains resource pages. Use the following search queries to find them in Google.

  • your keyword + links
  • your keywords + resources
  • keywords inurl: links

For example, if you have a parent website, then search for parent+links, then you will find broken links on those pages. Use check my links plugin to find broken links.

Now back to the webmaster, provide your broken links with exact location, so that they can be easily found. Give some alternatives to replace those links, you may also include your own websites.

2. Advantage of guest articles to create backlinks for the website

It is one of the most effective ways to reach audiences. It helps you to get more traffic and increases your audience.

Use Google search queries to find the blogs from guest contributors

  • your keyword + inurl:write-for-us
  • keyword + guest-posts
  • your keyword + inurl:guest-post-guidelines
  • keyword + become a contributor
  • your keyword + bloggers wanted
  • keyword + submit an article
  • your keyword + want to write for
  • keyword + contribute
  • your keyword + become an author
  • keyword + guest post by
  • your keyword + now accepting guest posts

3. Build internal links to Create Backlinks for the website

It is the key factor for a successful blog. You can use anchor text. If you have a good internal linking structure, users can easily navigate through your website thereby increasing the user experience. There are some tools to create internal links to your blogs.

4. Spy on your competitors to create backlinks for the website

Keep an eye on your competitors on social media and see their link-building and earning techniques and content marketing methods.

You should look for competitors when they are publishing new content on their websites

One of the ways to reach your competitors is to subscribe to their email newsletters or need to follow them on social media. Another way to reach your competitor’s new content is to create a google alert like “”. Ex: if my competitor is company18 then set a google alert using keyword

You should know when and what backlinks are building or earning by your competitors.

This will helps to replicate your competitor’s best backlinks and helps to understand what strategies they are using to promote their website. If they are getting backlinks from guest blogging, so try to become a guest author to that website. If most of the links come from blog reviews, contact those bloggers and offer them to test your tool.

Use the Monitor backlinks tool that will provide information about your competitor’s backlinks. You will get a report about all the links of your competitor’s backlinks. You can keep track of all the new links that you are earning using this technique.

5. Promote your content to create backlinks for the website

create backlinks

If you don’t know how to promote your content, you won’t get backlinks. One of the strategies is to get in contact with bloggers or websites that have monthly or weekly roundups. You can use google and search queries like “keywords+roundup”. Then contact with webmaster and give an introduction to your website. Send a link to one of the best tutorials or guides.

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