How to Create videos from blog posts

If you want to convert your blog posts into videos, there are many ways to do this. Here, I will explain how to create videos from blog posts. Most of the users interested in watching a video rather than reading. In this blog, I will explain how to create videos from your blog posts using a tool called Lumen5.

Steps to create video from your blog posts

  • In the first step, You need to Sign up for an account in Lumen5, Click on Sign up free
  • Next, you need to enter your name, email, and password. Click on create account


  • It will show three options, 1.create a video for brand 2. create a video for a specific project 3. Create a single video

  • It contains a number of templates. you need to select the template

  • Now you can start creating your video
  • You can write your own topic or you can copy from your blog
  • You can edit the template at your convenience

  • Click on the untitled video to provide the name for your video

  • Click on the plus button to add a new scene

  • You can set the time for each scene

  • You can move your scene above or below
  • It has options like media, music, and style
  • Media contains millions of photos and videos. Click on the search option to search for a video. It will display videos. Select the video which you want.

  • You can also add music to your video using the music option

  • It also has a style option. It has many colors, You can choose any color from the available list

  • After editing, you can click on the preview option to see the video.
  • Click on publish to create the video. It will create a video for you.

  • To create a new video, click on a new video to create a new video

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