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Launched By: Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman

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The Economic Survey Mobile app provides complete information about the economy and its condition in India which is in paperless form

Where the app consists of all documents and e-books where you can read those books and get information about the Indian economy and its situation which is represented by Finance Minister Nirmala Sithraman and is available in two different languages English and Hindi.

It is the official app to gain access to the Economic Survey of India  of 2020 Р2021 and the document present in it can be downloaded and accessed at any time and from anywhere

It has also got the built-in file reader because of which you don’t have to download any other app to read the files or the book it consists on our economic condition

You can read the e-book available on the app, share the same and any volume or chapter with your friends, family, or colleagues

Everything you need to have to know about our economic situation presently in which we are is available and can access the information using a smartphone and login into it to get detailed information about the economy

Information Available on Economic Survey Mobile App?

  1. Initially, when you download the app and login into the app it provides you the information about the e-book which is available on the app
  2. Where the e-book consists of two volumes as Volume | and Volume ||
  3. It also has a statistical Appendix and New Ideas on Indian Economy which are all in E-book Option
  4. Where the Volume | mainly consists of the information and topics related to Saving Lives and Livelihood on Oncein-a-Century Crisis
  5. Explains Does Growth lead to sustainability and vice versa?
  6. Inequality and Growth, conflicts or Convergence, and many other topics.
  7. Even the Volume || consists of various different topics with example explaining the growth and economic conditions of our country
  8. The app consists consist of various pdf’s of Volume | and Volume || which you can download, read to get the information about our Indian Economic Situation and its Progress
  9. New Ideas on the Indian Economy are also made available on the app to give you complete information about the economy which helps people to have new ideas and contribute to the growth of our Indian Economy
  10. You can even visit the official website to get the complete information and to download these pdf’s


To Summarize, The “Economic Survey App” is the best app that can be downloaded and used to get complete information about the economic situation of the country where the users can download the pdf’s of e-books which can be read, and shared with friends, family or colleagues.

The complete information is available in the form of pdf’s and the topics are available in Volume | and Volume || of e-book where it has complete information of our economic situation and growth of the India Economy.

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