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How to Make Money Through FlipKart Affiliate Program

One of the best eCommerce websites in India is Flipkart and it has millions of users. It is more profitable as it is used by a huge number of people. In this blog, you will come to know how to become a Flipkart affiliate and how to register for a Flipkart affiliate program.

Steps for Flipkart affiliate Marketing

1. Sign up with Flipkart to become a Flipkart affiliate

flipakart affiliate

The first step is to sign up at the Flipkart affiliate website. Go to this link and you will get an option called “JOIN NOW FOR FREE”, the registration form will be open. You should fill in all the information correctly. Your account gets approved.

Here are some payment commissions you get after selling the products.

Books and eBooks: up to 5%

Mobiles: up to 1%

Computers: up to 5%

Toys: 4%

Cameras: 5%

If you sell one camera you will get a 5% commission. If the cost of the camera is 10,000, then you will get 500 as a commission. You sell high-priced products that have a high percentage commission.

2. Enter your payment information and other details for the Flipkart affiliate

After creating an account, you need to enter the below information.

  • Full name
  • Email ID
  • Mobile number
  • Website details
  • Payment information

It will ask for your website details that is why you need a website to become a Flipkart affiliate.

There are 2 ways for payment: Gift voucher and Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT). EFT is the best way because it transfers your money to your bank account directly. You need to enter your PAN card and bank account details. Once you enter all the information, you become a Flipkart affiliate and you can start promoting those products.

3. Find Products to promote for Flipkart affiliate

You can choose any product to sell on Flipkart. Select those products which give more commission. If you sell a toothbrush you will earn less money, because its cost is less. If you sell television or computers you will earn more money, because its cost is more. The following image shows the current commission structure of Flipkart.

Following Categories gives more commission

  • Furniture
  • Home appliances
  • Electronics
  • Books and General merchandise

If you sell these products you will get more profit.

The best thing about this marketing is you can sell any product that you want. You can sell any item as many times as you want.

4. Write Reviews about the products for the Flipkart affiliate


If you write reviews for your products, it will impress the users and brings more traffic. It helps you to earn more money.

There two types to write review

  • Write a review for one product in depth
  • List top 10 or top 5 products

There is another way to write a review, it is not the product review. it is used to promote your products.

  • Informative article

This article is important because it brings more traffic. For example, if you write an article about how to fix errors in led TV, You can sell the best-LED TV on this article. You can also create video reviews and you can publish on YouTube. This is also one of the best ways to promote your products.

Tips for writing review

  • Use photos
  • add bullets, table, and other visuals
  • Use brief description and it should be up to point

Once you are done with your reviews, u should get the viewers to view your reviews.

5. Add affiliate links to your blog to become a Flipkart affiliate

If any user clicks on your link, goes to the Flipkart website, and purchases any product, you will get paid. This link is called an affiliate link. Your referral link should be an affiliate link that helps you to get a commission.

Here, you will learn how to generate the affiliate link.

In your dashboard, you will get an affiliate link generator. You need to enter Flipkart URL and it will generate an affiliate link. You can short your link by using the “Shorten” option. Now you can add this affiliate link to your blog. You should add this link to appropriate places.

6. Get Eyeballs to your website 

First, you have written your content, and written your reviews, and added a Flipkart affiliate link to your blog. Now you are ready for sale. Before that, you need to bring traffic to your blog.

There are three ways to bring the traffic to your blog

  • Forum: Search for a forum that is related to your products you are promoting. If you have a product review for facewash, find the online forum for facewash and women’s personal care products.
  • Social media: Use social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc to promote your products.
  • Word of mouth: telling your family, friend, and relatives about your products is another to bring traffic to your blog.

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