Free WordPress Themes v/s Premium WordPress Themes

Free WordPress themes have limited features, do not have extra functionality, and are cost-free. Premium WordPress themes have extra functionality, more features but we need to pay. If you want to know which one is better among free WordPress themes and premium WordPress themes. Here, you will learn about Free WordPress themes v/s premium WordPress themes.

Pros of Free WordPress Themes

WordPress.org directory includes many wordpress themes. Don’t download and install free themes from other unreliable sources. Free themes are simple and are easy to use. It Supports many plugins

It’s Free

One of the reasons to use wordpress themes is, it is free of cost. We do not need to pay a single rupee to start a blog. WordPress.org contains my freely available themes, you can install them on your WordPress. If you want to install a theme, click on preview theme to check how it looks. Then, you can install it.

cons of free WP themes

  • Limited support options: Only WordPress forums offers free wordpress themes.
  • Limited Features and Functionality: Free wordpress offers fewer features. We can not create buttons, shortcodes and does not allow us to create landing pages.
  • Not so Unique: Free themes are used by so many bloggers, your website does not have a unique design. There are no extra features to customize your websites.
  • No Obligation: There is no warranty for free WordPress themes. if anything goes wrong, You are responsible for it.
  • Include only a few customizable options
  • themes are not updated in the free version
  • it is unsafe to use free themes

Pros of Premium WordPress Themes

If want to apply more customization options to your WordPress site to look more attractive then go for premium themes.

Extra Features and customization options

Premium wordpress theme has extra features and you can customize your website as per your requirements. It provides features like drag and drops page builders, shortcodes, multiple layouts, templates, and unlimited color codes.

Support and Updates

Themes are updated daily with the paid version


It is safer to use Premium themes compared to free themes

More Unique

Premium WordPress themes are used by few people and it includes customize options that make the visual appearance of your website to be more unique.

Cons of Premium WP Themes

  • Poor Code: Some WordPress themes you buy may look good but poor coding makes incompatibility with plugins. Because it does not go through the strict review process.
  • Too many features: In order to sell more themes, developers will add more features to the themes. But, you may not use these features may cause your website to run slow.

I recommended you go for the premium version because the premium version includes many customizable options to customize your site. so, your website looks good and more attractive. This increases the user experience. But with the free version, you can not add more options. So, with the premium version, you can customer your site according to your needs. If you have a low budget, then, go for the free themes. Otherwise I recommend you choose premium themes.

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