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How To Create Phone Pe Merchant Account and Merchant QR Code

Create Phone Pe Merchant Account

create phone pe mearchant account

Phone Pe Merchant Account? I know few people won’t have an idea about phone pe merchant account but in this article, I will give complete detail like What is Marchant Account, How To Download Phone Pe Business Account, How to Create Marchant account, and how To generate Marchan QR code what is the merchant account charge, and the customer care Number, etc. 

What Is a Merchant Account?

A Merchant account is specially made for business people and stores where they can handle their business online so that they can be connected with their customer and you can grow your business by sharing your business pictures and chatting with your customer online using Phone pe business Account called Marchant account you can attract your customer by giving best offers and discount over Phone Pe. now on words, no need to worry about transactions made so easies customers can send Just By scanning QR you can directly transfer money just in one click money is transferred to a businessman’s account.

I hope you got the What Is Merchant account and now I am going to tell you How To Create Marchant Account here are the below steps you need to follow.

How To Create Phone Pe Merchant Account?

here are the below steps you need to follow to create a merchant account. firstly, to create a merchant account you need to download Phone Pe Business App: click Here

phone pe business the Phone pe Business application then click on Sign Up.

Step2.enter your full name and phone number which is already registered phone pe number then click on the Get OTO option.

Step3.then enter the OTP received on Your mobile number to verify and click on the continue button.

Step4. then it will as you address then enter your address other will allow the current location permission it will take automatically.

Step5.than once after location is updated then add the business name and select the category of your business.

Step6.then add your bank account detail to make transactions using phone pe. you are done your account is successfully opened.

how To generate Phone Pe Marchan QR code.

how To generate Phone Pe Marchan QR code.

once after creating a phone pe merchant account then you can easily generate a QR code here are the below steps you need to follow to Generate QR Code.

Step1. then open the phone pay business app then click on your profile.

Step2. you get a list of option-click the Manage QR Code option.

Step3. now you get your phone pe Merchant QR code you can save the QR to Take Print.

this is how Merchant works I hope this article will help you.

Phone Pe Merchant account Customer Care Number

if you have any query related to a merchant account or phone pe you can contact help center of phone pe her you get help

Click Here: Phone Pe Help Center 

Customer Care Number Is :


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