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How To Delete PhonePe Account Permanently with easy steps 2021

How Delete PhonePe Account Permanently

Delete PhonePe Account Permanently

PhonePe is one of the best online money transfer applications. this application will help user to transfer money from one account to another account, it’s easy to use and your work becomes faster not only PhonePe, but there are also sever UPI application are available like GPay, Paytm, etc. to access this facility of online transaction you need to create an account, if in case if you are facing any issue with this application you can Delete phonePe account permanently in this article I am going to help you to delete your PhonePe account permanently here are steps you need to follow.

How To Delete Bank Account From PhonePe App

here are the steps you need to follow to remove your bank account from phonePe.

Step1. Open PhonePe application in that screen finds an option called MONEY Click on that then in that Payment Section Choose an option MY ACCOUNT then you can see your bank detail will be displayed on the screen.

         PhonePe          PhonePe           PhonePe

Step2. then click on your Bank Account then you see the below option in that at the last there is an option called UNLINK BANK ACCOUNT click on that. then again it will send a notice then read it carefully and then click on UNLINK.

PhonePe        PhonePe

Step3.Now your Bank account is successfully Removed From the PhonePe application.

now your bank account is removed from the phonePe application and then you need to deactivate your phone pay account than only your PhonePe account is deleted permanently.

How To Deactivate PhonePe Account Permanently

here are the steps you need to follow to remove your account permanently.

Step1. Open PHONEPE APP in that right top corner you can see an? mark on circle clicks on that then you get may option choose an option called MY ACCOUNT AND KYC Click on that then choose ACCOUNT RELATED ISSUE.

PhonePe        PhonePe        PhonePe

Step2. Once after Selecting account related issue, you get 3 options like below there to choose an Option DELETING MY PHONEPE ACCOUNT then again you need to select HOW DO I DEACTIVATE /DELETE MY PHONEPE ACCOUNT.

PhonePe         PhonePe               PhonePe

Step3. then you get a notification like NOTE read the message and then click on the DEACTIVATE YOUR PHONEPE ACCOUNT.

Step4.than they will Verify your Mobile Number and send you a VERIFICATION CODE to submit that code.

Step5. Once after Successful Verification of your mobile, you need to choose a reason or else you need to enter the issue you are facing while using phonePe.

Step6. then choose an option called OTHER ISSUE than you can write issue over there and then click on SEND 

PhonePe      PhonePe            PhonePe

Step7.Now it’s successfully done the process of deletion of your phonePe account so your request is submitted you can track the ticket to view the confirmation information on the application.


I hope this article will help you to delete your Bank Account from PhonePe And also you can delete your account permanently.

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