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How To Download Paytm Business app And Its Registration Process & QR Code

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Paytm Business App is one of the best application for the merchant, this application will help in many ways,  you can transfer and receive money online using Paytm business application and also one more additional features is to make your work easy and faster Paytm have provided QR code facility and also you can connect with your customer, you can check your daily weekly transaction report all detail you will get, one more important thing is you can take Upo 2 lakh Lone On Paytm with lesser interest rate what else you want and Paym business application has several features so if you want to take all the benefits from  Paytm firstly download the Paytm business application.then the below I will give complete detail about How To Download Paytm Business app And Its Registration Process & QR Code ……..?

Steps To Register Paytm Business Account

Step1. firstly download the Paytm Business application from the play store.

Step2. Then sign Up to create a new account Enter your mobile number and name and all your personal detail.

Step3. also enter the business-related information business name type of business etc.

Step4.later add your bank to the Paytm to make transaction like add account number IFSC Code pan detail etc . your complet data is added and your account is successfully created you can make use of it and now you can enjoy the benefits provided by the Paytm application .

How To Order QR Code For My Shop?

QR code

step1. now open the application than go to your Paytm Business profile. that click on the MANAGE QR CODE option .

Step3.there you get an option called ORDER NEW QR CODE .

Step4.than now you ill get an QR code for your business before starting transction you need to link ordered QR ,to link your Ordeed QR code fallow below steps .

  • click on menu on the lrft hand side of your corner .
  • than click on the three line there you get an option called Manage QR code .
  • than select an option called Select your new QR code.

Now your account is complety done you can meke transction easily and faster .

Consulation : hope by this artical you got solution How To Download Paytm Business app And Its Registration Process & QR Code,  download the application from the playstore and you can create a Payatm business account and also you can generate an QR code for your business.

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