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How To Get Phone Pe Transaction History of 1 year

 Phone Pe Transaction Statment

How To Get Phone Pe Transaction History of 1 year

PhonePe nowadays everyone is using phone pay when it comes to transaction people everyone chooses PhonePe, However, it became more popular because it’s easily faster and safe one more important thing is you can usually transfer from 1 rupee and within few minutes, so like by using PhonePe you can make everything Online like mobile, recharge cylinder booking, film ticket booking, DTH booking you can also investment and insurance facility, etc. are available than no need to visit the office and bank you can make everything in your hand just a one-click so when you make the transition you need bank statement so usually you can check your history in your mobile-only PhonePe also have an option called History you can check History On your mobile.

Now You can check transaction history by applying different methods like category, filters, and months.

  • Choose month: you can choose how much monthly transaction statement you want.
  • Categories: you can choose different categories to view the statement.
  • There are 4 categories
  1. Merchant Payments
  2. Money Received
  3. Recharge & Bills Payments
  4. Money Sent
  • Filters: based on the transaction Status you can apply for Filters.
  • there are 4 different filters available.
  1. Cancelled.
  2. Declined.
  3. Failed.
  4. Successful.

If you want any specific month statement or complete year statement then follow the below steps.

Steps To Get Phone Pe Transaction History of 1 Year

Step1. Firstly open the phone pe application and then click on the HISTORY Option.

Step2.than in the above page of history you can see three options that are MONTH, CATEGORY, and FILTERS.

Step3.firstly you need a 1-year statement so click on MONTH.

Step4.Select How Much MONTH Statment you Want and then say apply. get a complete 1-year Transaction History or statement. can also apply filters and categories to check specific information like in the category I have mentioned above based on status also you can so that you can easily retrieve the information.

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