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How To Recharge Mumbai Metro Card Via PhonePe

Recharge Mumbai Metro Card Via PhonePe

Recharge Mumbai Metro CardMumbai people use the metro for transportation and the metro providing the best services and faster and cheaper, also in the metro, they have several rules like when you enter the metro station they will check you, latter you need to collect coin and if you are regularly traveling through metro you can make use of the metro card, so instead of standing in a queue and collecting metro coin, you can directly go to the metro terminal gate and swipe your metro card so you can go faster, but the thing is you need to recharge your card so whenever your card amount in the min limit than you need to recharge,  so to recharge you need to visit the metro ticket counter instead of wasting your precious time standing in a queue you can recharge your metro card using PhonePe.

Steps To Recharge Mumbai Metro Card Via PhonePe

Once you need to Purchase a Metro card, so visit the Metro ticket counter, and later you can Recharge by yourself so now you have a metro card now in this article I am sharing complete information step by step process How to make Mumbai metro card Recharge Using PhonePe.

Recharge Mumbai Metro Card Via PhonePe

Step1.Open the app in the RECHARGE AND BILL section choose an option called SEE ALL.

Step2. then you get a list of options in that METRO RECHARGE AND QR TICKET section choose MUMBAI.

Step3.once selecting Mumbai you need to enter your Smart card Number and once again you need to enter a number for confirmation then enter your name it’s optional.

Step4.then click on the SAVE And RECHARGE.

Step5. Choose amount how Much you Want to Recharge and then say PROCEED TO PAY.

Step6.then it will take your detail then click on PAY.

Step7.Now enter your password then the payment done successfully.

Note :

Keep in mind once after successful payment wait for 60 min to get updates on your metro card later you can swipe up.

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