How To Send Audio On Twitter DM

Nowadays Everybody is having cell Phones. Technology is growing day by day. As everyone knows, reading Newspapers to get daily updates is becoming less. Twitter is one of the most popular social media applications, which allows you to get daily updates by following particulars on Twitter. It is not limited to particular subjects, you can also get updates of news, you can get updates on Entertainment, cinema, you can get updates of your favorite actors. You can send and receive tweets. It will allow you to make announcements and give daily updates like if you are running any businesses. Twitter allows you to make a direct message with people, usually sending voice messages option in Twitter is not available directly. Therefore we are proving you the article on How To Send Audio On Twitter DM. Following are the steps you need to follow.

Steps To Send Audio On Twitter DM

Download Twitter From Google Play Store.

Send Audio On Twitter DM

1. Open your Twitter account on your phone.

2. New page will get open and at the bottom of the page, you have four options such as Home, Search bar, Notifications, And messages. if you click on messages, you will be able to see the chat list with whom you have chatted. (and if you want to chat with a new person, click on the (+)button and start a conversation. By Clicking on a particular chat, you can start a conversation, you can see only three options are available like voice button and GIF and gallery button.Send Audio On Twitter DM

3. To send a voice message click on the voice button, you will be able to see introducing voice messages, click on got it.

Send Audio On Twitter DM

4. Then it will ask you to allow Twitter to record audio? Click on allow.

Send Audio On Twitter DM

that’s it. now you will be able to send voice messages. You can record voice for up to 140 seconds and if you want to can cancel the voice message before sending it.


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