How To Take Screenshot On Window 10 Laptop

How To Take Screenshot On Laptop

How To Take Screenshot On Laptop…..?

Laptop Nowadays everyone uses the laptop for their work and students use for their studies, like online class and also they search new thing at that time while learning new things they can take helpful information or keep notes from the laptop instead of writing all those things you can go for Screenshot, so they may help you to get all the information the image will be stored on your device either you can save it as JPG or PNG formate, it’s easy to take and also it will make your work easy and faster here are below  best ways you can take a screenshot using any one of the ways.

Best Way To Take Screenshot On Window 10 Laptop

1.Window 7/10 laptops can take screenshot By Snipping Tool

To Take a Screenshot on Windows Using the Snipping tool you need to follow the below steps.

  • go to the start button in the search bar search Snipping Tool.
  • then click on the snipping tool.
  • you need to click on the New.
  • then select the screen how much you want to take a screenshot then drag and drop the screen.
  • then click on the Save as a button and save the image on your laptop.

2.You can Use Print Screen Option On Windows  Pc or Laptop

you can check on your keyboard there is an option called PrintScreenSysRa click on that it will take a Screenshot and then paste it on Paint and Microsoft that edit the image and save.

 3.Alt+PrtScn you can capture Active Screenshot of Windows.

this option work only on the active window you can take a screenshot by pressing short cut key Alt+PetScn button on your mobile screen.

4.Short cut key like Windows Key +G

while playing the game you can also take a screenshot  by pressing Windows Key + G

5.You Can Take Screenshot On Window 10 Game Bar

you can also take a screenshot of the Game so you need to call game bar firstly you nee to hit Window Key +G key now the gaming bar will be appaired now you need to press Windows Key + Alt +PrintSrc.

6.Windows+Shift+S to take a screenshot

if you want to take specific information use this shortcut key Windows+Shift+S this will help you to take a screenshot selected like you need to drag the cursor and to take a specific screenshot this will be added to your clipboard. can also take Screenshot on MACos laptos and PC

Command+Shift+3 by pressing this short cut key you can take screenshot on Mac Os / laptop and also you can take Screenshot on PC.

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