Increase Traffic to your website with SEO

SEO is an important part of your website ranking. If you want the website to rank high in search engine results, you should have more traffic to your site. In order to bring more traffic to your site, you should tell the search engines about your content keywords using SEO. You can increase traffic to a website with SEO. SEO will tell the search engines about your content keywords. In this blog, I will explain how to increase traffic to a website with SEO.

Increase Traffic to your website with SEO

1. Use Google analytics to increase traffic to your website with SEO

Google Analytics is the best tool for understanding your website. It not only helpful in understanding how you are ranking but you can also understand your users.
It gives information about the users like

  • What browsers they are using: You will know about which browsers your customers using by Google analytics. You can design your websites on the most used browsers.
  • The most popular devices used to visit your site: Some of the users use mobile devices and some of the users use the desktop to view your website. Understanding what type of device they are using will be helpful to create content for the most commonly used screen size and improve the user experience.
  • Referral traffic: Google analytics provide information about from which source your users are coming. From this, you will come to know which social media your users are using to get to your website.
  • Understanding your competition: Google analytics also provides information about competitor traffic. This will help to improve your content and ranking.

2. Find the Low-Performing Pages to increase traffic to your website with SEO

There is a tool called content audit tool that will identify the low performing content through some points like

  • Minimal backlinks
  • The low number of social shares
  • Oldest pages
  • Light content (meaning low word count)
  • Low organic search traffic

You need to develop your content based on user interest that will bring more traffic to your site. While creating your content, what kind of content the user is searching for, then you can decide what kind of topics you should create.

3. Content should be surrounded by Primary Keyword and Relevant Secondary Keywords

Keywords research of your content will help in understanding what kind of content the users are interested to read. You understand which keywords are best for the users and content type which helps you to build a content strategy that will improve your SEO. You should write the content based on keywords and easy language. Content should include keywords so that you should not stuff your content at the end.  One way to do this is to identify the semantically related keywords to your primary Keywords.

4. Make sure your site is mobile-friendly to increase traffic to your website with SEO

60% of the Google search comes from mobile devices.  So your website should be optimized for them. You need to focus on developing mobile SEO.
Keywords for desktops and Mobile’s can be researched and compared separately.
When you are creating content for your website, you need to focus on

  • Create content can create that will create a gap between mobile devices and desktops.
  • Most useful and continuously engaged content should write on the front page so that it will be load first.
  • Target the users using mobile-optimized keywords.

5. Use clean URL’s and Meta description to increase traffic to your website with SEO

Google can easily understand your content through URLs and Meta descriptions.
Use a consistent structure that keeps future posts in mind: you can write specific content or different content but Url and meta description are similar for related content.

  • Avoid superfluous language: while writing content, use the language that should understand by the users.
  • Make them keyword-rich: Your Url and Meta description should include a targeted keyword.

6. Decrease load time on top-performing pages to increase traffic to your website with SEO

It does not take more time to load your website; it will create a bad impression on your website. Ensure that which pages are most visited by the users should be loaded fast. If your website takes more time to load the page, users can leave your site. So that, your web page ranking is based on the speed of your website. The speed of loading is less your page rank will be decreased. To increase the page ranking you should speed up your website loading.

7. Diversify your backlink portfolio to increase traffic to your website with SEO

SEO also works well with a backlink. This backlink should be from high authority sites.
BackLink Comes from Two Sources
Type of backlink: there are two types, on-page, and off-page. On-page carries more traffic than off-page.
A site from which backlink originates: if you are promoting your content, then the link that links back to your content would be the source of your backlink.
Some of the way to improve your backlink

  • Look for directories in your cache
  • Ensure your content is shareable
  • Create informative content and easily readable by the users

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