Best Interlinking WordPress Plugins

Interlinking is nothing but linking your blog posts with other posts. It is important to interlink your blog posts because it improves the SEO for ranking. You can directly interlink your posts with other posts or use interlinking WordPress plugins to interlink blog posts. In this blog, I will explain some of the interlinking WordPress plugins.

Interlinking WordPress Plugins

1.LinkWhispher interlinking wordpress plugin

Linkwhispher is the interlinking plugin that tells the words to link.

You can do the following things with LinkWhispher

  • You can select open link in the new tab this will open your link in a new tab when the user clicks it
  • If you select ignore numbers, it will ignore the numbers while linking
  • You can create a link for a post or page
  • it has an option called the number of sentences to skip, you can select any number of sentence to skip
  • It will generate a report for your blog that will show the number of inbound internal links for each blog post
  • If your blog has zero internal links you can add internal links to it

2. Interlinks Manager interlinking wordpress plugin

Interlinks Manager automatically creates interlinks for your blog post based on the keywords you provide.

Do following things with interlink manager

  • You need to provide keyword
  • you need to provide a URL
  • you can create a link for a post or page
  • you can provide the maximum number of links to create
  • You can select case sensitive
  • You can select open new tab It will open the post in a new tab when the user clicks
  • It has an option called an ‘auto link’ that automatically creates an internal link

3. SEO smart links premium interlinking wordpress plugin

SEO smart links premium automatically creates internal links for your blog posts based on the title of the post.

You can do the following things with SEO smart links premium

  • It will create an internal link for post or page
  • It has the option to prevent creating interlink for heading tags
  • you can select case sensitive
  • It has the option to open a link in a new tab

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