How to remove background from image in

If you want to remove background from an image automatically with 100%. In this blog, I will explain, how to remove background from the image. There are some tools to remove background with a single click.

Steps to Remove Background from Image

Here, I will explain how to remove the background from the image step by step.

Step1: Go to  website. You can remove bg for an image, remove bg for video, remove bg for photoshop, you can remove bg from an image for full size.

Step2.: Click on Upload image. You need to upload an image from which you want to remove the background. It automatically removes the background. you don’t need to remove the background manually.

Step3: After removing the background, you can download the image by clicking on the download. For downloading, two options are available. You can download an image in its original form or you can also download an image in HD form.

upload file

Step4: You can also edit the image after removing the background. You can add background images manually or you can select the backgrounds from the available list. You can also add color to the image. All the color codes are available in this. Image blur option is also available, You can also blur the image. Erase option also is there, you can also remove the unwanted things from the image. If you want to restore the image, the restore image option is also there.

edit image

Step5: After removing and editing the image, you can download the image.



Free and Premium versions are also available to remove background from images. It includes a Free account, Subscription plan, and pay as you go. The free plan includes, you don’t need to pay anything and only limited options are available. In a subscription plan, you can pay monthly/yearly. In the last plan, you should pay money for each image.

All plans include

  • unlimited free previews
  • 50 free previews via API and apps per month
  • Remove background in Abobe photoshop
  • Remove background from images in windows/Linux/mac

Sign up signup

In order to go with the premium version, you need to signup and provide information about email and password. Accept the terms and conditions and click on the sign-up button. After sign up, you can log in to your account and delete the background from your images and you can also edit the image.

Tools and API

Tools and API

It also contains many tools. You can download these tools for Windows/Linux/Mac, and you can also download them for photoshop. By using these tools, you can remove the background from the image or you can edit the image.

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