SEMrush Tool: Features and Pricing

SEMrush tool is one of the popular tools used for image optimization. You need to know about SEMrush tool features and pricing before using this tool. In this blog, you will learn about SEMrush tool features and pricing.

Here, I will explain some of the SEMrush tool features and pricing.

1. SEMrush Tool Features

 1.1 Keyword magic tool Analyze Long Tail Keywords: SEMrush tool feature

SEMrush is popular for its keyword Analytics feature used for keyword research.

In the search engine, enter your primary keyword and hit enter. SEMrush Will give the following details about the keywords.

  • Volume of searches
  • Number of results
  • Phrase match
  • Related Keywords
  • Competition

Keyword Magic Tool

SEMrush tool: Features and Pricing

It is easy to use keyword research tool that gives all the keywords necessary to build an effective SEO. You can generate tons of long-tail keywords for your primary keywords by using this tool.

In order to use this keyword, go to Keyword Analytics and choose Keyword Magic Tool.

Provide your primary keyword and hit enter. It will provide information about

  • Volume
  • Keyword Difficulty
  • CPC
  • Competition

SEMrush keyword magic tool2

Along with this information, it also provides a list of long-tail keywords for your primary keyword. It will give information about the volume, keyword difficulty, CPC, competition for each of these keywords this in turn to find the most related keywords. you can add these keywords into the keyword analyzer to get more information on the keywords.

1.2 On-page SEO checker to optimize your blog posts: SEMrush tool feature

SEMrush on-page SEO checker

SEMrush tool is built with an On-page SEO checker that can be used to optimize your websites for better search rankings. It helps you to optimize your websites based on what your competitors are doing to rank higher than you.

In order to use this, go to Dashboard and start your On-page SEO checker campaign. It will generate all the optimization ideas in order to improve your website’s SEO.  At the bottom, it will display TOp pages that need to be optimized.

In order to read the ideas for a specific page, click on the green button in front of that page. In order to see all the ideas click on “view all the pages and ideas” at the bottom. SEMrush ideas about optimizing your content and how to improve your content, backlinks.

1.3 Site Audit to Optimize the Technical SEO of your site: SEMrush tool feature

If you want your website to rank high in search engine results, there should not be any issues with the technical side of your website.

The Site Audit feature of SEMrush helps you to identify the technical SEO issues with your website and also helps to fix those issues. In order to run your site audit, go to Dashboard and select audit.

SEMrush will browse your website and return your site errors and you need to fix these errors in order to obtain a high rank.

1.4 Brand Monitoring tool to Monitor your brand outreach: SEMrush tool feature

Even though brand monitoring is done by marketing agencies, it also important for bloggers to keep track of positive mentions that help you to create backlinks.

SEMrush tool helps you to save your time by monitoring the web to find online mentions and customer reviews of your blog.

In order to use this, in the brand monitoring widget, you need to click on the setup button. It will show the mentions of your brand. These mentions can be filtered by source, and date, it includes various tags for better navigation.

You can also keep track of your competitor’s blog by using these mentions to create new link-building opportunities.

1.5 Link Building tool to find new link building opportunities: SEMrush tool feature

Link building is an important part of SEO that brings your blog post to the first page in search engine result pages. Link Building tool helps you to find websites where you can get new backlinks and improve your search rankings.

In order to use this tool, in your dashboard, you will get a link building widget option, Here, click on the setup button. Enter 10 keywords that you want for a higher ranking and 10 competitors you wish to outrank in search engine result pages. It will provide you a list of link prospects and divide them into separate sections that are based on organic research, competitors’ backlinks, mentions, etc.

2. SEMrush Tool Pricing


SEMrush Pro plan

  • This plan well suitable for smaller websites and freelancers.
  • It has limited keyword rank tracking up to 500 keyword limit.
  • No historical data: You are not able to view the competitor’s historical search activity.
  • No multitargeting: You need to have separate projects for each device.

SEMrush Guru’s plan

  • suits well for SMBs and growing marketer agencies.
  • allows Keyword rank tracking up to 1,500 keywords
  • contains the competitor’s historical data.
  • does not include a product listing ads feature.

SEMrush Business plan

  • well suitable for large companies and agencies.
  • allows keyword rank tracking up to 5,000 keywords
  • includes product listing ads feature.
  • comes with SEMrush API access.
  • includes Google data studio

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