How to Setup Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool that helps you to understand what users doing on your website. in this blog, You will learn about how to set up Google Analytics.

It provides information about

  • website’s visitors
  • what type of content they are seeing
  • Their behavior while viewing your site

Why Google Analytics?

You get the following information from Google Analytics

  • Overall traffic you get to your site
  • Traffic comes from which website
  • Amount of Traffic to an individual page
  • Whether visits come from desktop or mobile

How to SetUp Google Analytics

Step1: Setup Google Tag Manager

Google Tag manager

  • Go to Google Tag Manager Dashboard
  • Create an account
  • Fill in the details and click on continue

set up container

  • You need to set up the container
  • Enter your domain name
  • you need to accept terms and conditions
  • then, click on continue

install google tag manager

  • Paste the above code on each page of your website
  • Paste the first snippet code into the header tag
  • paste the second snippet code into the body tag

If you are using wordpress, you can paste these snippets directly into your wordpress theme.

Step2: Setup Google Analytics

  • You need to log in to the GA page.

setup google analytics

  • You need to enter the account name, name, and website URL
  • Select category and time zone.
  • Then, accept the terms and conditions
  • you will get your tracking ID.

Google anaytics account

tracking id.

Step3: Setup Google analytics tag with Google Tag Manager

  • Go to Google tag manager dashboard
  • click on add new tag button
  • Then, you need to create a new website tag

new tag

You need to customize two areas

  • Configuration
  • Triggering

configuration and triggering

  •  Click on the tag configuration button.

universal analytics

  • Then, choose ‘Universal Analytics to create a tag

new variable

  • Now click on Google Analytics Settings
  • then, click on the new variable from the drop-down menu.
  • Then, it will take you to a new page where you need to enter your Tracking ID.

  • go to the ‘Triggering’ section
  • Click on the ‘Triggering‘ button
  • click all pages
  • click on save.

Step4: Setup Google Analytics Goals

  • Go to the Google Analytics dashboard,
  • Click on the ‘Admin’ button
  • Click on the Goal button
  • it will take you to a ‘Goals‘ Dashboard
  • You can create a new Goal.

Then, choose the type of goal,

  • Destination
  • Duration
  • Pages/Screens per session
  • Event

Step5: Link to Google Search Console

  • Click on the Gear icon 

  • Then click on property settings.

  • Scroll down and click on Adjust Search Console
  • You can add your site to Google Search Console
  • Click on Add button.



  • At the bottom click on Add site to Search Console button.

  • Enter your website name
  • and click Add.
  • Click on save
  • You will back to Google Analytics.

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