How to Submit URLs to Google Webmaster Tool

If you are a blogger, and you have created a website. It is necessary to submit your website URLs to Google webmaster tools so that the Search engine can display your webpages on the search engine result pages. If you want to submit your URLs to the Google webmaster tool, In this blog, I will explain how to submit URLs to the Google webmaster tool.

Steps to Submit URLs to Google webmaster tool

1. Select Property Type to submit URLs to Google webmaster tool

URL prefix

In order to submit your URLs to the Google webmaster tool, go to Google Webmaster Tool, and click on Start Now. You need to register for your website. It has two options for the property type: Domain and URL prefix. You need to choose property type as the URL prefix and enter your website URL. Then click on Continue.

2. Verify Ownership to submit URLs to Google webmaster tool

HTML tag

Next, you need to verify the ownership of the website. There are many verification methods. In that, you need to select the HTML tag verification method. Then you need to copy the verification code available in that field. In order to copy the code, click on copy and you need to copy the string in between the quotes(ex: oYNR-FLypwbNAnHoRE1002JQsi0rVyaRGXIrUgkXJwM) and paste this code in the Google webmaster tool available in Yoast plugin on your WordPress dashboard.

webmaster verifiaction code

In order to paste this verification code, go to your WordPress Dashboard, then in the Yoast plugin, click on General settings, then click on the webmaster tool tab. The Google Verification Code is available in the webmaster tool, you need to paste the verification code here and click on save changes.

Next, come back to the Google webmaster tool and click on verify button and then click on done. Now, the Ownership Verification of the site is done.

3. Submit SiteMaps to submit URLs to Google webmaster tool


You need to submit the sitemap of your site in order to index your site URLs. Go to the property available on the left corner of the webmaster tool. Click on the site that you want to submit URLs. Click on sitemaps available on the left side. Now, you need to enter the sitemap on your website.


In order to get this sitemap URL, go to the WordPress dashboard, and Click on General Setting in Yoast plugin. In that, click on the ‘Features’ tab. Here, XML sitemaps are available, click n the question mark available in front of that XML sitemap. Then click on the ‘See the XML sitemap’ URL. A be window will open that shows your site’s XML sitemap. You need to copy this XML sitemap URL and paste it into the webmaster tool’s XML sitemap and click on submit. It will display all the pages and posts available on your site.

4. Submit URLs

URL inspection

In order to submit URLs, click on the ‘URL inspection’ option available on the left side of the webmaster tool. In the search bar, you need to enter your website URLĀ  and click on Request Indexing. You need to submit all your website URLs one by one. After submitting all the URLs, now you will be able to find your webpages on the Google Search Engine.

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