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7 Important Tips To Increase Affiliate sales

The affiliate marketing program is a program that allows you to promote services and products. When the user signup and buy any product then you get paid. If you are a beginner to Affiliate Marketing and you want to increase Affiliate sales, in this blog, I will explain some of the tips to increase affiliate sales.

Tips To Increase Affiliate sales

1. Use the Call to Action button to increase affiliate sales

Most people write blogs with the intention of making more affiliate sales but you will face difficulty in finding affiliate links. Most of your users read the articles which they feel more relevant.

Use a call to action that helps users to find the action item clearly, which in turn increases the CTR.

call to action

WordPress has an inbuilt feature to add a call-to-action button called button. You can add text and link to this button. You can also customize the background color that matches your design and increase CTR.

adding call to action

If you are adding coupons and discounts to your blog post, then you can use the affiliate coupon plugin.  This plugin includes a click to reveal feature that is used by many affiliate sites to increase their sales.

2. Use Tables to increase affiliate sales

You can make use of tables to increase your affiliate sales.  You can add a table at the top of your post to get more clicks. The table helps users to compare the products.


WordPress also has an inbuilt feature called a table by which you can add a table to your post. You can also use the wordpress plugin table to add a table.

adding tables

3. Use exit intent pop-up banners to increase affiliate sales

The exit-intent popup shows a pop-up when the user is leaving your site by clicking on the close button.

exit intent pop up

In order to use this feature, you need to install a plugin that offers an exit intent pop-up. Optinmonster is a plugin that offers exit-intent technology.

Use the following tricks to work best

  •  Design your banner by applying AIDA
  • create 2 to 3 varients of the banner and test them
  • Use page-level targeting

4. Hunt for New Offers to increase affiliate sales

Usually, new bloggers copy the offers promoted by the existing bloggers. This may work but try to find new offers to promote.

You need to introduce new tools and deals. This can be done by browsing the existing affiliate network’s dashboard.


5. Create Keyword-list based on Affiliate Keywords to increase affiliate sales

When you are doing Keyword research, you need to focus on informational, transactional, and commercial keywords.

find these kinds of Keywords:

  • Best
  • Cheap
  • Alternatives
  • Compare
  • Improve
  • Offer
  • Discount
  • Promo
  • Coupon

They will give more sales to you.

6. Build relation with Affiliate managers and ask for commission increment:

This is one of the powerful tricks to increase your sales.

Most of the affiliate programs have a public page on which they will show their commission they offer. If you have a website or youtube channel, or you have already a decent number of sales per month 4-5, You can reach the program’s affiliate manager and ask for a commission increase.

If the program’s affiliate offers 10%, then you can ask them to increase it to 25-30%. You can offer more exposure to products on your platforms.

Some of the other ideas are

  • Review
  • Social media shoutouts
  • Email blast

7. Get more Organic Traffic – Use SEO to increase affiliate sales

If you have more traffic on your site, you may get more affiliate sales. If you want to make more money online, you need to target the audience.

You need to build a  site that should attract target people. This is done by using keywords, good material. This makes your site visible to users on search engine results.

Even if you are not familiar with an affiliate, More traffic to your site makes you earn more.

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