Tips to Increase Website Ranking

You are a blogger and you create a website for your blog, If you don’t get traffic to your site, it will be of no use. So, you need to get traffic in order to increase your website ranking. There are many factors to increase website ranking. In this blog, you will learn some tips to increase website ranking.

Tips to increase website ranking

1. Use FAQ’s schema to target questions to increase website ranking

Using FAQ’s schema, you can target long-tail keywords so that you can get more traffic to your website. Use any of the keyword research tools to find questions about your targeted query.  use FAQ schema features to answer those questions within an article.

2. Word Limit to increase website ranking

If you use proper word length, you can rank on the first page of Google.

3. Interlinking to increase website ranking

Interlinking pages on your website will help you to rank the pages on Google.

4. Use Table of content to increase website ranking

It helps your post or pages get more CTR. Use a table of content for long-term content helps users for better navigation.

5. Track your keyword ranking

You should know which keywords you should concentrate on more. There are many tools available in the market, you can make use of these tools to track the keyword ranking.

6. Create Social media profiles to increase website ranking

The social media profile is one of the easy ways to get backlinks to your website. You need to add your website URL in the description or URL field of your social media profile.

7. Lightweight images

Use low-size images otherwise, it will slow down your website. Use following methods

  • Image compression software: use ShortPixel plugin
  • Use a CDN: It allows your website to load in different Geo locations.

8. Use high-quality pages on the web to increase website ranking

Your page should not contain wrong information. The quality of the content should be good and your webpage content should be readable by the users.

10. Build quality backlinks to increase website ranking

You need to concentrate on the quality of the backlinks. Your backlinks should contain information related to users.

11. Use Alt tags to images to increase website ranking

Use the alt attribute to give the alternate text to your image. It will be helpful in ranking pages in search results.

12. Use Bold and Italics to your keywords or important words in your content thereby your content scanability improves.

13.Create more content around your product

14. Do not use images for your navigation buttons.

15. Keyword research

16. Use Schema


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