4 Important Tips to promote your blog

It is important to get traffic to your website. If you have your own website and you are to getting traffic to your website, it will be of no use. So, there are many ways to bring traffic to your site. In this blog, I will explain some tips to promote your blog. You can follow the following tips to promote your blog.

Tips to Promote your blog

1.Syndicate content on other platforms to promote your blog

Syndicate your content is nothing but sharing your content with other platforms. You can share your content via networks, other blogs, or media.

the best platforms to share your content are

  • Linkedin
  • Medium

You can share any number of posts on these platforms. It brings traffic to your site and also improves the SEO of your site.

Steps to share your content on platforms

  • list the number of posts in a google sheet
  • share the number of posts on a weekly basis

2. Network with fellow Bloggers to promote your blog

Another important thing to grow your blog is sharing your blogs with other bloggers.  In order to bring more traffic to your blog, it should be shared on social media. to make your blog to be shared among social media is, others should share your blog.

But the thing is why they should share your blog?

So, your website should be more attractive, and it should have attractive images, videos that may attract people. Another way is You can share other’s blog posts in turn they will share your blog posts. In this way, you can get traffic to your site.

Steps to connect with fellow bloggers

  • Make a list of fellow bloggers in a google sheet
  • Add the Instagram, Facebook, and Website URL in the google sheet
  • Share the content on a weekly basis at least for half an hour

3. Optimize your blog for search engines to promote your blog

Most bloggers make use of social media to share their content rather than through search engines. But the thing is  60% of the traffic comes from search engines. So, you should not ignore search engines. You should optimize your blog posts for search engines.

Steps to optimize your blog posts

  • First, do keyword analysis using keyword tools
  • Find the keywords that generate more traffic
  • Use proper heading tags
  • use proper alt tags
  • Interlink among the blog posts

4. Attract readers not only the Search Engines to promote your blog

You may get traffic from search engines, but this doesn’t mean that your blog has more value. You need to convert users into subscribers. So, if you have more subscribers then, your blog has more value. Getting 1000 subscribers has more value than getting 1000 views because the traffic you get to your page may change every day but subscribers will be constant for your page.

Share your content on social media because subscribers on your Facebook page, Instagram page, and Twitter account also be considered.


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