5 Important Tips to Write a Killer Article

5 Important Tips to Write a Killer Article

Blogging is becoming a trend today. Writing a good article is necessary for bloggers. If you don’t know how to write an article, Here, I will give tips to write a killer article. You need to follow these steps before writing the articles.

Tips to Write a Killer Article

1. Use Primary and Secondary Keywords to write a killer article

In order to write a killer article, You must concentrate on keywords given by the clients. They give the best things to the audience. They give two important keywords: Primary Keywords and Secondary Keywords.

Primary keywords should be used at the starting and often. Secondary keywords should be used in paragraphs.

Every keyword is used to keep the article on the topic. The density is essential to write a killer article.

Use more primary keywords on Heading tags.

Primary and secondary keywords improve your site SEO and keep the site higher in search result pages.

2. Research Topics to write a killer article

Research is another way to write a killer article. If you write an article without research, it will be like a bird without wings.

So, first, you need to research your topic on the website or any reading materials. Then you have a lot of information about your topic, then you can start writing your article.

There are some useless topics, try to write those useless topics as minimum as possible.  The primary keywords should be at the top of the article.

3. Introductory part to write a killer article

A killer article must have a great introduction part. Blogger should link the next paragraph from the very first paragraph.

The first paragraph is always about the uses of the products or promotions. If you are writing an article about any device or object, then give the structural design of the product. If you are writing an article about the promotion of the product, then give the uses of the products.

4. Target the Audience 

Targeting the audience is an important part of writing a killer article. Because audiences are important for your article.

If the audience is not interested to read your article, it will be of no use. So, write the article according to audience needs and they are satisfied, you will get the best feedback from the audience.

If you have more audience, the Ranking of your site will increase.

5. Improve the Readability of your Content

Your article should not contain errors and wrong information. Try to fix the errors in the article.

You need to write a Killer article that becomes imagery of your promotional features.

When you finished writing an article, once you check grammar and spelling. It helps to increase the readability of your article.

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