Best Video Editing Software for youtube

People will be interested to watch videos rather than reading because it is easily understandable. You can also get more users on youtube more than on the website. If you want to create your own youtube channel and if you are searching for video editing software for a youtube channel, then in this blog, you will learn about video editing software for youtube.

Video Editing Software for youtube

1. Shortcut


  • The shortcut is a video editing software tool that runs on Windows, OS X, and Linux.
  • It allows you to place video and audio
  • you can choose any effects that you want
  • Then, you can convert it into a video file.
  • You can also drag files from your device


  • Customizable menu
  • modifying options and filters
  • mobility of tasks
  • Configuration on multiple monitors


  • you can not preview your filtres

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2. Apple iMovie

  • This tool is powerful and simple.
  • Apple iMovie is more suitable for MAC OS, iPhone, iPad.
  • It comes with 8 themes with music, transitions, titles, ten video filters
  • Supports image in image, slow motion, and fast forward
  • It also has tools for creating soundtracks.
  • Another feature is the ‘green screen’ that allows you to add a subject in any location.


  • user friendly
  • tools to work with sound
  • share videos with multiple devices
  • support to work with 4k video


  • not support for motion tracking and 30-degree video

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3. Adobe Premiere Pro CC 

  • It allows you to edit videos, choose colors, place audio.
  • It allows you to edit e videos in original format
  • It is suitable for IOS, macOS, and Windows.


  • includes many customization features, options, and plugins
  • more convenient user interface
  • export the project in any existing format
  • integration with other Adobe products


  • difficulty to add and edit titles
  • high cost for an official license

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4. Lightworks

  • Lightworks suits well for Windows, Linux, and macOS.
  • It is a perfect tool for editors, photographers, bloggers.
  • It can be used for advertisements, personal use, social media
  • If you have a low budget then go for this.
  • You can edit the background, drag, and create shortcuts.


  • Cross-platform feature
  • 3D video processing
  • Multichannel support
  • edit and crop the timeline


  • Hard-to-understand editor management system.

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