What is Domain, Working of Domain

What is Domain, Working of Domain

Why Domain?

An IP address is a large string of numbers, it is difficult to remember all those numbers so, to address this problem it comes into existence.
For example
IP address:
Domain name:

Working of Domain

In this blog, you will learn how actually it works.


Suppose a user is searching for a website called This domain name will be directed to the DNS server. DNS server will search for that website in its database. If that website is not available in its database, it will send it to another DNS server. If that server has that website in its database, convert that into an IP address and then send it back to the DNS server. So, this will form a DNS system. DNS server stores this IP address into its database and then sends it back to the User.

Types of domain

Top-level domain

Top-level domain are higher-level domain in the domain level system, .org, .edu, .net, .gov

Country code top level domain

These domains are used to differentiate the two countries. It uses two letters to identify the country.

EX: .uk, .au

Generic top-level domains

it represents the generic top-level domains

Ex: .com, .org, .co, .net

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