What is Hosting and How Does It Work

If you are a blogger and writing blog posts, you need to host your blog posts on the server in order to accessible by the users. In this blog, you will learn about what do you mean by hosting a website and where to host your website.

What do you mean by hosting a website?

Hosting a website is storing your website files into a server. This server makes your file publicly accessible to all the users.
The computer has a set of installed software in order to access websites. This software is a web server.

How does Hosting work?

In order to host a website, you need a service provider and domain name. The service provider allows you to host your website on the webserver. A domain name is to find the address of your website.

Types of hosting

Depending on the resources you want to host your website on to the server,  server providers are categorized into four different types.

1.Shared hosting

web Hosting

As the name indicates that resources are shared among the website. So, you can use the same server resources to host multiple websites. This type of server is used for small websites, blogs, and Small businesses.

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2.VPS(virtual private server)hosting

In VPS, a part of a private server will be dedicated to your website.  It allows a lot of resources to handle the large traffic. This type of server is suitable for medium-sized businesses, well-known blogs, e-commerce websites.

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3.Managed WordPress hosting

This type of server mainly designed for hosting a website especially for WordPress. So, this service provider will take care of all the updates, backups, and cashing of your website. This type of server is suitable for popular blogs, large business websites.

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4.Dedicated hosting

In a Dedicated service provider, the whole server will be dedicated to your website. So, you get all the resources and tools for the server to host your website. you can install all your software and operating system on the server. It is suitable for enterprise businesses, highly popular blogs, e-commerce sites.

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