What is SSL Certificate and How Does it Work

All websites use HTTP to send requests to the server. There is a chance of attacking your website by a third party (hackers). If you want to secure your website, then use HTTPS to secure the website.

SSL(Secure Socket Layer) Certificate allows websites to move from HTTP to HTTPS. SSL certificate makes your website to be encrypted. It contains public and private keys. When a user requests a website, the server will refer to this file to create a public key and verify the server’s indication. Private Key is secret and secure.

What is SSL(Secure Socket Layer)?

Secure Socket Layer(SSL) is a protocol used to authenticate and encrypt the data
Certificate contains

  • A domain name
  • Person, organization, device
  • Certification Authority
  • A public and private key
  • The digital signature of the certificate
  • Subdomains
  • Issued certificate date
  • Expired certificate date

Why do websites need an SSL certificate?

All websites need an SSL certificate to secure their data and verify the authentication of the website. It does not allow hackers to attack the websites and create a fake version of the website and helps to gain the user’s trust.

How does it work?

SSL Certificate SSL certificate is issued by the Certificate Authority (CA) which is a trustworthy third-party organization that will generate the certificate for your websites. CA uses a digital signature to create a private key for authentication.

Once you got the certificate, it should be installed on the server. Then, All the data on your website is encrypted and secured. Hackers can not attack your website and create a fake model of your website.
Encryption: It uses a public key and a private key for encryption. Private Key is secret and secure. Clients use the public key in order to open the TLS connection from the SSL certificate.
Authentification:  When the client requests for the domain, it will verify the data and connect to the server. It prevents attacks from hackers.
HTTPS: Hypertext Transfer protocol secure is a secured form of HTTP. It makes websites secured and encrypted.

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