What is WordPress and Its Working

WordPress is used to build beautiful websites. In this blog, you will learn about WordPress and its working. You can customize your website with this WordPress according to your needs. Html and Php are running in the background. You need not worry about coding. Just you need to drag and the elements to build a beautiful website. You can customize your website at your convenience. WordPress can be used for writing blogs, e-commerce website, business purposes.

WordPress and It’s working

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source system used to design beautiful websites.

Why WordPress?

  • It does not require any coding skills to create web pages.
  • It’s also a user-friendly interface, accessible at free of cost.

Advantages of using WordPress

  • It is open source
  • also Easy to use and learn
  • also, it is Completely customizable
  • You are in control of your own content
  • Does not require any coding skills
  • Compatible for mobile devices
  • drag and drop system
  • free of cost
  • SEO friendly
  • Media can be uploaded easily

Working of WordPress

It provides a powerful interface called a dashboard to create your websites.

This dashboard contains

  • Themes: These themes will show how your website looks and also how the content displayed on the websites. It is used to change the layout and design of your site.
  • Plugins: These plugins can be used to add some extra functionality to websites. The plugin is inbuilt. We can also install plugins externally.
  • Upload files: it contains all the media that you are adding to your website. If you upload images to your website. You can see these images on these upload files.
  • Appearance: It helps to modify the content of the website using themes.
  • Menu: WordPress Allows you to create a navigation menu by using a built-in editor available under Appearance-> menus. This menu allows you to move from one page to another page. You can create a submenu Under the menu.
  • Widgets: Widget allows you to drag and drop features like images, text, pages, custom HTML, etc to the sidebar, footer, the top bar of your wordpress site. It is available under Appearance-> Widget.
  • Customize: You can also customize your site as per your requirement. It allows you to customize layout,  color, typography, background image, and many more. Go to Appearance->Customize to customize your site.
  • Pages: You can create pages like home page, about us, contact us pages for your website.
  • Posts: You can create posts for your blogs on your site.
  • Categories: You can create categories for your blog posts.

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