Best WordPress Migration Plugins to Move Your Site

It’s not easy to migrate your site to a new host. In order to move to a new host, all your files, database, plugins, and themes need to be migrated. It does not affect your website’s SEO rankings. So, you need wordpress plugins to migrate your site without affecting the existing one. If you want to migrate your site to a new host or server and you need wordpress migration plugins to move your site to a new host. In this blog, I will explain WordPress Migration plugins to move your site to a new host.

1. UpdraftPlus wordpress migration plugin


  • It allows users to backup and restores their site easily.
  • You can save backups to remote storage
  • or you can save backups within your local machine.


  • You can take backup on any location
  • You can store your backups in the server location
  • You can take backups on multiple sites


  • You need to install wordpress on the destination in order to migrate your site

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2. Duplicator Pro wordpress migration plugin

  • duplicator proYou need to create a migration package
  • The package includes two files installer.php and Archieve.zip
  • Download the package to storage locaion
  • copy the package to the new site


  • Allows you to migrate to a new host, domain name, local server, or live site
  • migrate your site through Step by step migration wizard
  • restore a backup and save them to remote storage
  • allows you to create a database and users using cPanel hosting
  • migrate multiple sites

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3. JetPack wordpress migration plugin


  • It includes JetPack Backups.
  • It allows you to restore your backups
  • migrate your site to a new server.


  • It allows you to easily take backup and restore them to a new location
  • save server resources with incremental backups
  • restore your site with a single click
  • Data is automatically stored on the cloud, no need to upload backups
  • includes security features that make your site secure

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4. All in One WP Migration wordpress migration plugin

It includes a set of features and It’s not a backup plugin like other plugins.

  • It provides you wordpress service providers, operating system, PHP version, etc
  • Supports older versions
  • Import chunks of data
  • exports your files

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5. Migrate Guru wordpress migration plugin

  • Allows all most all hosting providers
  • include migration wizard in which you need to provide your host’s FTP or cPanel conditionals
  • Move your WordPress sites which are updated
  • Migrate large website but does not affect the server performance

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